“Bringing people together to solve problems.”

Originally from a small town of Vacaville, Steven Lee came to San Francisco to get his Bachelor degree in Broadcast Communications from San Francisco State University.

At school, Steven Lee Production was form to become one of only two Asian American individuals who hosted special events for young Asian Americans in the Bay Area. After 25 years of hosting events in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Hawaii. Steven Lee wrote the business plan and with friends, opened his first nightclub and restaurant, the Glas Kat in the year 2000. With a twelve years run, the Glas Kat became The Grand, a million dollar renovation project to upgrade the club for the next generation.

In the 2007, Steven Lee became is an advocate for San Francisco’s 3.3 billion dollar Nightlife Industry. He is a Board member of CMAC, the California Music and Culture Association that deal with government regulations, alcohol related matters, public safety and education to industry members and non members in California. CMAC has weighed in on matters such as “the Alcohol tax”, “the State Rave Event Bill”, “SFPD Security Protocol”, and now the “Parking Lot Safety legislation” instigated by Steven’s and fellow nightclub owners and sponsored by Supervisor David Chiu. In 2012, Steven Lee was appointed by the Board of Supervisors as the first Asian American nightclub owner to become a Commissioner of Entertainment for the City and County of San Francisco.


Steven Lee volunteers for a ton of causes and community work. One includes being an active Board Advisor for the San Francisco Chapter of the Asian Pacific American Public Affairs Associations. An organization that sponsors internship programs for Asian American college students interested in Government and Public Affairs. Steven is also the founder of The Chinese Railroad Workers Memorial Project, which mission is to erect a tribute monument in the California Sierra’s. The location of where up to 20,000 Chinese worked on the Transcontinental Railroad, received very little credit and also where a thousand died in the process.

Another major historical preservation project is his work on reactivating the famous 100 year old San Francisco Chinatown restaurant SAM WO. Closed down by the San Francisco health department because of a deteriorated building, Steven put together an investment group and joined the original family to find a new location and remodel a retired business to the original concept and menu to today but still old school standards.

Steven Lee has grown from a college student hosting events to make side money on the weekends, to making entertainment a serious part of his life. He has become a well respected, very connected, and knowledgeable problem solver in the food, beverage, and hospitality industry, an Industry advocate for small business, public safety and crusader for unique historic preservation.

A successful career and personal life came out of what he enjoys and believes: “Bringing People Together to Solve Problems”, a mission that Steven Lee has proven time after time for decades.


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