Business Planning: able to create a business plan, used for obtaining a lease, permits and must important possible financing, to get started, interviews of the founders, analyze the product or concept, gather all information such as financial, target market, management team, location, obtain necessary visual aids for the plan, contract professional copy writer to finalize the book.

Raising Capital: over 20 years of networking and business relationships, the capacity to solicit funds from private sources that have liquid capital to invest, host presentations and meetings, and create power point presentations when necessary.

Business Registration: with or without the help of corporate attorneys, corporations, LLC, or partnerships, experienced in creating or filling all the forms the necessary documents needed register a business at the local City Hall, opening bank accounts, setup credit card receiving account, file the name to the newspaper publication, obtain the EIN number from the Internal Revenue Service, and used to select the right payroll company. 

Permit Issues: complete the forms and file the necessary applications for the following: permits: health, fire, entertainment, after hours, Alcohol Beverage Control, all building, public assembly, and remodeling permits.

Construction – Project Management: upon completion of the floor plans, and after obtaining building permits, contractors must be managed and supervised to prevent short cuts, substandard material installed and reason for delays in schedule, the capability of keeping the project on schedule, make changes or corrections on the spot. Approve extra cost or overtime.

Business to Business Networking: upon completion of the physical building part of the project. Venders are selected based on the best service and fair pricing provided. Only the reliable business or vender will be introduced to the new business at most time a lower rate than outside venders.  Referrals are always the best way to choose and trust your new vendors.

Operations and Management: Designs operation plan that fits the company concept and focus develops the company policies via employee handbook of rules and regulations. Hires and trains personnel that fit the company image and skills for service.  Develops protocols and department heads to help manage employees, handle specific problem areas and streamline the efficiency of productivity. staff supervision, monitors cash flow, expenses, labor and product cost, make personnel changes when necessary.

Maintenance of Facility: knowledge of inner works of the project facility, water, electrical panels, HVAC, insulation, plumbing,, elevators, phone system, sound system, lighting system, bar equipment, refrigeration, roof condition, furniture, know all aspects of up keep to be in compliance with the local health department, fire codes, noise abatement and any agency who has the power to fine or even close your business due to multiply violations due to poor maintenance of the facility.

Publicity and Advertising: Conceptual and image development, publicity and free media exposure, supervision of graphic design and production, printing, mass mailing, lists, POS display and radio campaigns, media buying. Includes strategic planning and detail management

Facilities Arrangement: negotiating, contracts, scheduling, managing, logistics, coordinating staffs, equipment, technicians, stage construction, subcontractors, rentals equipment, etc. Also: managing gross receipts, paying cash disbursements, other contract compliance

Event Bookings & Planning:  decides on events that are best suitable for the venue and to the general public, deal with neighbor complaints are a big issue and need to be respected or problems in the future will cost more in the future, such as lawsuits, permit denials, bad repetition of the facility, once determined, seating charts are designed, entrances / exits, box office and security operations, etc, for any type of event management.  Planning of transportation, itineraries, schedules, etc, Includes online and phone ticket operations. Weekly events are selected based on type of crowd, music format and past experience.

Additional Experience: Showroom concerts, dances, beauty pageants, balls, socials, fund raisers, private parties. Have excellent production record with strong organization, efficient staff, good public relations, and no crowd problems, Groups up to 2000. Hugh contacts of professionals who can be called upon to solve almost any circumstances or delay. 

Expert Contractors
General Building Contractors
Life Safety – Fire Protection and Alarms
Fire Sprinkler Engineering
Mechanical, HVAC
Data, Cat6 Installations, Network Design
Sound and Lighting Sales and Installations
General Maintainance – Steam Cleaners, Painters, Janitors, Rooter Router



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